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Trying it yourself
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  • Very time intensive
  • In case of payment:
    8-12 months
  • Airlines often ignores
    claims of private persons
  • Stressful procedure
  • No costs
Other flightcompensation companies
$0per month
  • Not time intensive
  • Payment takes up to
    12 months
  • Low cost risk
  • No trouble with airline
  • 25%-30% collections costs
$0per month
  • Time intensive
  • Payment takes up to
    12 months
  • High cost risk
  • No trouble with airline
  • Legal fees

“You cannot get your compensation more quickly and more easily”

Prof. Dr. Oliver Hinz
Business economist at the University Frankfurt am Main

“flightcomp helps me to get my compensation – instantly and stress-free”

Prof. Dr. Felix M. Michl
Legal Scholar at SRH Heidelberg


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    thumb Sabine Ritter
  •   ich fliege sehr viel innerhalb Europas, da kommt es häufig zu Verspätungen. Habe flightcomp vor 2 Wochen erst entdeckt und konnte schon 2 Verspätungen erfolgreich einreichen! Super Ding.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The compensation amount is linked to the flight’s distance from departure airport to destination.

Important: You can keep the amount received in any case, no matter the outcome of proceedings!


(1) Short-haul (less than 1500 km) => Cashout € 152

(2) Medium-haul (between 1500 km and 3500 km) => Cashout € 235

(3) Long-haul (more than 3500 km) => Cashout € 352

Cashout occurs per person. Your ticket price does not matter; even when you have paid with miles you can use our compensation service.

Airlines pay us a little more money, pursuant to EU Regulation 261/2004. The difference is our service fee. From this we have to transfer a part to the tax office. Further we have to finance courts and lawyers, cost of capital, IT and organizational cost.

(1) Short-haul (less than 1500 km) => Airline compensation € 250

(2) Medium-haul (between 1500 km and 3500 km) => Airline compensation € 400

(3) Long-haul (more than 3500 km) => Airline compensation € 600

You receive instant compensation in cases of delay 3h+, cancellation and overbooking. When we identify so called extraordinary circumstances which could not have been avoided by the air carrier (emergency case, strike, weather) we cannot compensate because the carrier is not obliged to pay in these cases – we will check that for you.

When the actual arrival time differs more than 3 hours from the scheduled time.

If you have been informed of the cancellation of your flight less than 14 days prior to departure, or if the airline has not offered you an alternative flight with a flight time similar to the originally booked flight time, you will be entitled to a compensation payment (whether the flight time was “similar”, we will check for you. In case of flight cancellations, the airline must always offer you one of these alternatives:

  • refund ticket price
  • other transport to the destination airport
  • rebooking to a later date suitable for you

And this regardless of the circumstances and reasons for flight cancellation.

We cover all flights that depart inside the EU, as well as flights, which arrive in the EU provided the operating airline is an EU-based carrier (we’ll check for you). Iceland, Norway and Switzerland are covered as well.
For example we compensate a flight by Emirates from Frankfurt to Bangkok; whereas a flight with an American carrier from New York to Paris is not in our compensation scope.

In Germany, compensation claims can be submitted 3 years (sometimes up to 4 years) after the originally planned departure date. E.g. you had a delayed flight on 1st Jan 2015 – in this case we can compensate you till December 2018.

No, because our service is for free and non-binding, no matter the eventual outcome of proceedings. After compensating you instantly, the case is done for you. Even if we do not receive the compensation from the airline later, you keep the received money – this is our risk.

As soon as you have entered your flight details our calculation tool provides you an indication of the amount payable. When we received all necessary details, we start the assessment immediately and we keep you informed. In a valid case you receive an offer for instant compensation, which you can accept paperless. Within 24 hours you receive your money.

While most of the other companies have a so called claiming/proceedings service we offer instant compensation – without delay, within 24 hours.

Yes you can. Even though you were not a passenger yourself, you can manage instant compensation process for others – just let us know.

The rights of air passengers and the obligations of airlines are stipulated in EU regulation 261/2004. The European Parliament and the European Council have defined cases in which airlines are obliged to pay compensation or provide services to passengers.

Yes, you can do it on your own. But it is a hassle – most of the time airlines do not respond to compensation requests coming from other than lawyers or compensation companies. In case of mandating a lawyer, you have an additional cost risk (lawyers fee, court fee).

As a rule, the traveler himself is entitled to receive compensation. It is irrelevant who has paid for the ticket (employer etc.) or whether it was booked by bonus miles or similar. However, clauses in the employment contract may stipulate that compensation for business flights must be paid to the employer.

In principle, the EU flight compensation regulation 261/2004 does not cover the advancement of a flight. However, a “more than minor advancement” will be treated as a flight cancellation. There is no clear time limit for this. Just submit your case to us and we’ll check it.

cases managed by us (click to see all)

FlightNo. Date Start Destination flightcomp cash out
LH579 29.11.2018 Mauritius MRU Frankfurt am Main FRA 352 €
EW593 26.10.2018 Palma de Mallorca PMI Köln/Bonn CGN 235 €
EW8061 15.10.2018 Nürnberg NUE Berlin Tegel TXL 152 €
8Q804 01.10.2018 Berlin Tegel TXL Antalya AYT 235 €
OE319 22.08.2018 Palma de Mallorca PMI Frankfurt am Main FRA 152 €
FR4213 08.08.2018 Palma de Mallorca PMI Frankfurt am Main FRA 152 €
LO380 04.08.2018 Frankfurt am Main FRA Warschau WAW 152 €
LH485 24.11.2018 Panama City Frankfurt am Main FRA 195 €
XC3808 03.10.2018 Köln/Bonn CGN Gazipasa GZP 235 €
EW768 18.09.2018 Köln/Bonn CGN Zürich ZRH 152 €
EW2051 12.09.2018 Hannover HAJ Stuttgart STR 152 €
EW7826 09.09.2018 Hamburg HAM Mailand MXP 152 €
LH175 06.09.2018 Berlin Tegel TXL Frankfurt am Main FRA 152 €
EZY5537 06.09.2018 Berlin Tegel TXL Paris ORY 152 €
EZY5595 05.09.2018 Berlin Tegel TXL Stuttgart STR 152 €
LH727 05.09.2018 Porto Velho PVG Frankfurt am Main FRA 352 €
XG3278 03.09.2018 Burgas BOJ Düsseldorf DUS 235 €
FR180 31.08.2018 Köln/Bonn CGN Berlin SXF 152 €
DE1557 25.08.2018 Jerez de la Frontera XRY Düsseldorf DUS 235 €
X32648 31.07.2018 Stuttgart STR Palma de Mallorca PMI 152 €
EW860 29.07.2018 Köln/Bönn CGN Cagliari CAG 152 €
ST4903 06.10.2018 Palma de Mallorca PMI Berlin Tegel TXL 235 €
X32812 04.07.2018 Frankfurt FRA Faro FAO 235 €
OE319 06.06.2018 Palma de Mallorca PMI Frankfurt FRA 152 €
EW355 19.05.2018 London STN Köln/Bonn CGN 152 €
LH281 09.05.2018 Mailand LIN Frankfurt FRA 152 €
LH26 09.05.2018 Frankfurt FRA Hamburg HAM 152 €
XG4916 22.04.2018 Hurghada HRG Hannover HAJ 235 €
EW2050 15.04.2018 Stuttgart STR Hannover HAJ 152 €
EW35 06.04.2018 Hamburg HAM Köln/Bonn CGN 152 €
U28214 06.04.2018 Berlin SXF London GTW 152 €
SN2637 03.04.2018 Brüssel BRU Hannover HAJ 152 €
LH1404 25.03.2018 Frankfurt FRA Zagreb ZAG 152 €
U25861 20.03.2018 Berlin TXL Zürich ZRH 152 €
EW9777 08.03.2018 Zürich ZRH Düsseldorf DUS 152 €
EW171 04.03.2018 Cancun CUN Köln/Bonn CGN 352 €
ST2990 04.03.1028 Berlin SXF Teneriffa TFS 235 €
EW004 04.03.2018 Köln/Bonn CGN Berlin TXL 152 €
U22571 02.03.2018 Mailand MXP Stuttgart STR 152 €
LH761 01.03.2018 Delhi DEL Frankfurt FRA 152 €
ST5585 26.02.2018 Sharm El Sheikh SSH Dresden DRS 235 €
EW7305 26.02.2018 Köln/Bonn CGN Hamburg HAM 152 €
FHY272 25.02.2018 Leipzig/Halle LEJ Antalya AYT 235 €
ST3357 23.02.2018 Teneriffa TFS Erfurt ERF 235 €
X36103 06.02.2018 Hurghada HRG Frankfurt FRA 235 €
OS681 22.01.2018 Wien VIE Zagreb ZAG 152 €
AF1525 15.12.2017 Bremen BRE Paris CDG 152 €
AF3647 09.12.2017 New York JFK Frankfurt FRA 400 €
LH109 28.10.2017 München MUC Frankfurt FRA 152 €
EW9037 28.10.2017 Hamburg HAM Düsseldorf DUS 152 €
LLX5952 27.10.2017 Palma de Mallorca PMI Paderborn PAD 152 €
JU355 20.10.2017 Berlin TXL Belgrad BEG 152 €
OS681 16.10.2017 Wien VIE Zagreb ZAG 152 €
XG2029 07.10.2017 Frankfurt FRA Lamezia Terme SUF 152 €
LH211 04.10.2017 Dresden DRS Frankfurt FRA 152 €
LH1186 02.10.2017 Frankfurt FRA Zürich ZRH 152 €
LH1989 25.09.2017 München MUC Köln/Bonn CGN 152 €
EW2649 18.09.2017 Faro FAO Stuttgart STR 235 €
ARZ9712 17.09.2017 Antalya AYT Berlin SXF 235 €
XG4825 09.09.2017 Köln/Bonn CGN Hurghada HRG 235 €
EW107 30.08.2017 Bangkok BKK Köln/Bonn CGN 352 €
EW2521 27.08.2017 Barcelona BCN Stuttgart STR 152 €
XC5042 25.08.2017 Leipzig/Halle LEJ Antalya AYT 235 €
LH569 22.08.2017 Los Angeles LOS München MUC 352 €
FR7712 17.08.2017 Nürnberg NRN Fes-Saiss FEZ 235 €
EW8042 12.08.2017 Berlin TXL Düsseldorf DUS 152 €
DL8453 12.08.2017 München MUC Paris CDG 152 €
El338 08.08.2017 Dublin DUB Berlin TXL 152 €
FR2591 07.08.2017 Malaga AGP Berlin SXF 235 €
DL408 29.07.2017 Zürich ZRH New York JFK 400 €
TP527 25.07.2017 Stuttgart STR Lissabon LIS 235 €
EW7030 24.07.2017 Hamburg HAM Stuttgart STR 152 €
4U2005 23.07.2017 Berlin TXL Stuttgart STR 152 €
EW171 20.07.2017 Cancun CUN Köln/Bonn CGN 352 €
LH590 02.07.2017 Frankfurt FRA Nairobi NBO 352 €
EW177 02.07.2017 Mauritius MRU Köln/Bonn CGN 352 €
EW9783 02.07.2017 Budapest BUD Düsseldorf DUS 152 €
EZY4747 01.07.2017 Berlin TXL Heraklion HER 235 €
X3274 23.06.2017 Frankfurt FRA Antalya AYT 152 €
EW2043 22.06.2017 Hamburg HAM Stuttgart STR 152 €
AF5577 20.06.2017 Marseille MRS Straßburg SXB 152 €
SQ25 01.06.2017 Frankfurt FRA Singapur SIN 352 €
El837 08.05.2017 München MUC Cork ORK 152 €
FR6118 24.03.2017 Nürnberg NRN Las Palmas LPA 235 €
4U0765 24.02.2017 Köln/Bonn CGN Zürich ZRH 152 €
LH694 10.02.2017 Tel Aviv TLV Frankfurt FRA 253 €
W62292 11.01.2017 Dortmund DTM Budapest BUD 152 €
LH2515 08.11.2016 Dublin DUB München MUC 152 €
4U4062 26.10.2016 Dortmund DTM München MUC 152 €
X34819 08.10.2016 Heraklion HER Karlsruhe FKB 235 €
El836 07.102016 Cork ORK München MUC 152 €
X32519 05.10.2016 Palma de Mallorca PMI Köln/Bonn CGN 152 €
4U9450 02.10.2016 Düsseldorf DUS Marseille MRS 152 €
VY1821 30.09.2016 Hamburg HAM Barcelona BCN 152 €
4U8991 18.09.2016 Moskau DME Berlin TXL 235 €
XG2854 16.09.2016 München MUC Fuerteventura FUE 235 €
BA907 21.07.2016 Frankfurt FRA London LHR 152 €
LH453 10.07.2016 Los Angeles LOS München MUC 352 €
VY1662 23.06.2016 Santiago de Compostela SCQ Berlin TXL 235 €
8Q862 11.06.2016 Düsseldorf DUS Antalya AYT 235 €
X32913 07.06.2016 Ibiza IBZ Frankfurt FRA 152 €
AF17 28.05.2016 New York JFK Paris CDG 352 €
LH1330 20.05.2016 Frankfurt FRA Casablanca CMN 235 €
IB8601 09.03.2016 Almeria LEI Madrid MAD 152 €
LH0515 22.12.2015 Cancun CUN Frankfurt FRA 352 €
UX6071 23.07.2015 Barcelona BCN Palma de Mallorca PMI 152 €
LH505 24.05.2015 Sao Paulo GRU München MUC 352 €
LX1681 22.03.2015 Florenz FLR Zürch ZRH 152 €