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Frequently asked questions

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The compensation amount is linked to the flight’s distance from departure airport to destination.

Important: You can keep the amount received in any case, no matter the outcome of proceedings!

1. Short-haul (less than 1500 km) Cashout 152€

2. Medium-haul (between 1500 km and 3500 km) Cashout 235 €

3. Long-haul (more than 3500 km) Cashout 352 €

Cashout occurs per person. Your ticket price does not matter; even when you have paid with miles you can use our compensation service.

Airlines pay us a little more money, pursuant to EU Regulation 261/2004. The difference is our service fee. From this we have to transfer a part to the tax office. Further we have to finance courts and lawyers, cost of capital, IT and organizational cost.

1. Short-haul (less than 1500 km) Airline compensation 250€

2. Medium-haul (between 1500 km and 3500 km) Airline compensation 400 €

3. Long-haul (more than 3500 km) Airline compensation 600 €

You receive compensation in cases of delay 3h+, cancellation and overbooking. When we identify so called extraordinary circumstances which could not have been avoided by the air carrier (emergency case, external strike, weather) we cannot compensate because the carrier is not obliged to pay in these cases – we will check that for you.

When the actual arrival time differs more than 3 hours from the scheduled time.

In principle, if you were informed of the cancellation less than 14 days before departure and if the airline did not offer you an alternative flight with a similar flight time to the one originally booked. 

Notification before departureAlternative flight lands at final destinationCompensation?
more than 14 days beforeirrelevantNo
7 – 14 days beforemaximum 2 hours earlier or
maximum 4 hours later
7 – 14 days beforemore than 2 hours earlier or
over 4 hours later
less than 7 days beforemaximum 1 hour earlier or
maximum 2 hours later
less than 7 days beforeover 1 hour earlier or
over 2 hours later

If you have been informed of the cancellation of your flight less than 14 days prior to departure, or if the airline has not offered you an alternative flight with a flight time similar to the originally booked flight time, you will be entitled to a compensation payment (whether the flight time was “similar”, we will check for you). In case of flight cancellations, the airline must always offer you one of these alternatives:

  • refund ticket price
  • other transport to the destination airport
  • rebooking to a later date suitable for you

And this regardless of the circumstances and reasons for flight cancellation.

We cover all flights that depart inside the EU, as well as flights, which arrive in the EU provided the operating airline is an EU-based carrier (we’ll check for you). Iceland, Norway and Switzerland are covered as well.

For example we compensate a flight by Emirates from Frankfurt to Bangkok; whereas a flight with an American carrier from New York to Paris is not in our compensation scope.

In Germany, compensation claims can be submitted 3 years (sometimes up to 4 years) after the originally planned departure date. E.g. you had a delayed flight on 1st Jan 2023 – in this case we can compensate you till December 2026.

No, because our service is for free and non-binding, no matter the eventual outcome of proceedings. After hiring us, the case is done for you. Even if we do not receive the compensation from the airline later, you keep the received money – this is our risk.

As soon as you have entered your flight details our calculation tool provides you an indication of the amount payable. When we received all necessary details, we start the assessment immediately and we keep you informed. In a valid case you receive an offer for compensation, which you can accept online or offline.

Yes you can. Even though you were not a passenger yourself, you can manage compensation process for others – just let us know.

The rights of air passengers and the obligations of airlines are stipulated in EU regulation 261/2004. The European Parliament and the European Council have defined cases in which airlines are obliged to pay compensation or provide services to passengers.

Yes, you can do it on your own. But it is a hassle – most of the time airlines do not respond to compensation requests coming from other than lawyers or compensation companies. In case of mandating a lawyer, you have an additional cost risk (lawyers fee, court fee).

As a rule, the traveler himself is entitled to receive compensation. It is irrelevant who has paid for the ticket (employer etc.) or whether it was booked by bonus miles or similar. However, clauses in the employment contract may stipulate that compensation for business flights must be paid to the employer.

In principle, the EU flight compensation regulation 261/2004 does not cover the advancement of a flight. However, a “more than minor advancement” will be treated as a flight cancellation. There is no clear time limit for this. Just submit your case to us and we’ll check it.

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