About us

We are a Dusseldorf based start up
serving passengers with flight compensation
and quick cash out.

We know from our own experience the time intensive and nerve wrecking discussions with airlines and other companies in flight compensation business. We are thrown together from a wide variety of disciplines - young and old.

It all started with a business trip from Frankfurt to London - with British Airways.

As if the “red-eye flight” and the hard day’s work in the City of London had not been stress enough for our colleague – no, a delay of more than 3 hours on the return flight had to be added. In moments like these, you can guess why the European Union at some point thought about compensating air travellers financially. Because it is sometimes very nasty.

Or think of air travel with children (possibly the only family trip of the year) and you get stranded at the airport for 2 days. This not only sucks, it is basically inexcusable, because the airline that caused it stole your precious time. Compensation is the least the airline can do.

However, the vast majority of airlines constantly stonewall when it comes to passenger rights. For business reasons, they would rather be sued than pay voluntarily. A tragedy as we find.

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